Thursday, February 26, 2009

how was school?...worst day of my life, what do you think?

today really diiiiiiiid suck. this week is the week of all the "first tests." and not to be cocky or anything, but i usually rock the first tests, it's keeping up the grade that causes problems later on. BUT NO! i am not doing well on my tests so far. french, i used to ace like a pro, now i can't even conjugate my verbs correctly! >:O and today's calc test was soooooooo depressing! i just know it will suck. the non-calculator part was...TERRIBLE! calculator will hopefully raise the despicable grade up. almost makes me look forward to an econ test because i actually completely know what's going on. and english objective tests are i don't always fail those every year ALREADY. ugh. how the hell am i supposed to raise like all my grades, write my 38972356845 college app essays, and study for sat2s?! HUH?!

whatever. all the stress will pass eventually (like in FEBRUARY) it's not that bad, i just hope i can keep my grades up :( colleges still see my 1st semester grades and i am not going to start sucking now!

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