Monday, April 13, 2009

Toxic Personalities

Quick Miami rundown:
The following people are to be avoided at all costs:
1) People who compliment one person by insulting another. “Hey…HEY…most girls I know are STUPID…but YOU….” (props to Suarez for having a lunatic friend who actually pulls this shit on women in clubs).
2) People who blurt out vivid details of your personal life in a drunken SARAH stupor.
3) People who point out gleefully that your step-sister is not your sister, nor is she family, then act like they didn’t do anything wrong when you call them on their stupidity.
4) People (girls) who flirt like crazy with you despite the fact that they have boyfriends, then get all mad at you when you cross some invisible line with them that only they can see but you can’t. “You can kiss me on the lips but touch my ass BACK OFF!!!”
5) People (Ana) who rip on you endlessly, but when you do it back to them, they get all pissy and offended. If you can’t take it, don’t dish it out. Beeyatch.

More to follow…

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