Tuesday, November 14, 2006

5 ways to… get some rest

1. Make up a couple of games you play lying down. One staffer plays a game where the baby pulls out all her receiving blankets and covers Morn with them. (Just make sure the room is baby-proofed, in case you doze for a sec.)
2. Tie yourself to the bed if you must, but do whatever it takes to nap when the baby naps. The second he goes down, go directly to bed (do not pass go, do not load the dishwasher). Think you're not a napper? Put on an eye mask, lie down, and count to 100-without thinking about dirty bottles or bibs. Are you still awake?
3. If you have an office at work, place a Post-it on the door reading "On an important call." Then put your head on your desk and sleep. Have a friend give you a wake-up call in 40 minutes.
4. Put your baby in the ExerSaucer in front of the TV. Insert whatever DVD floats her boat at the moment. Play the whole thing (forget that "20 minutes tops" nonsense), and snooze on the couch while the baby blisses out next to you.
5. Sometimes we get so anxious over our lack of sleep, we make ourselves feel even worse. The truth is, you won't get enough shut-eye until your baby is at least a year old. Try to embrace this fact and even go it one better, like staying up to watch The Daily Show. You'll feel like an adult again--a tired one, but an adult nonetheless.

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